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August 27, 2013
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tSC - Cottonpaw of FeatherClan by Kittysprite tSC - Cottonpaw of FeatherClan by Kittysprite
[Theme Song . . .]
Blue -Big Bang-
Lies -Big Bang-

[General information . . .]

[Name] Cottonkit Cottonpaw Cottonpine
[Age] 9 moons
[Gender] Female / She-cat
[Clan] FeatherClan / Former Rogue
[Rank] Apprentice
[Appearance] A spotted tabby she-cat who has spots all over her sides. These spots can be large or small, and sometimes appear to be broken mackerel stripes. They can be round, oval or rosettes. Her underbelly and tail-tip are a pearly grey and two of her paws are dark. She has the most peculiar heterochromatic eyes. Her left eye is a lush forest green while her right is the color of the sea at daylight, bright, sparkling blue. Her build is small and she often appears younger than she is.
[Sexuality] Bisexual / Leaning towards straight

[Family background . . .]

[Parents] Silver | Nightdabble
[Litter-mates] Blanc
[Grandparents] Water x Thunder | Silverwhisp x Shadelily
[Siblings] . . .
[Half-Siblings] Crowtune | Seto
[Adopted Siblings] . . .
[Kits] . . .
[Mate] . . .

[Other Relatives] . . .

. . . Others Unknown

[Personality . . .]

[Intelligent] - [Soundless] - [Stubborn] - [Dense] - [Caring]

  • Intelligent- "No, that wouldn't work. See, if the enemy comes from here and here, we should..." Sharp and open-minded, her eyes never miss anything. She's dedicated her life to learning and improving and becoming the perfect daughter that her rogue mother wanted so bad. She has a slight, vague plan of joining the rogues under the alias of 'Slayer' and take her father out before dropping her secret identity and returning to her own Clan to fight off the Claws. With her quick thinking, she's certain she can pull it off.

  • Soundless- "Kekekeke...hide and seek, hide and seek!" Silent and sure, she can stalk an enemy without being detected. Her weight is small, and her pawsteps silent. She loves the game hide and seek, and preferably being the seeker, as she can sneak up on all her Clanmates, no problem.

  • Stubborn- " option!" She is deadset and has her own mind-track. She will accomplish whatever she wants and no one can tell her otherwise. She's cheeky and mouths back with her mentor whenever he corrects her. Although she strives to be perfect, she secretly knows that she is far from such. Which is why she'll become super pissed whenever someone mentions a fault in her.

  • Dense- "Wait, what?! No way, it was just a kiss!" She's so naive that she wouldn't know love if it came and sat right under her nose. She has focused so much on perfecting herself that she's locked away her true personality. Now, if things like emotions happen and have no tie to her 'perfect' goal, she'll be gobsmacked and won't be able to tell love from affection, two things that she as a kit had never received.

  • Brave- "Hey, you rotten piece of crow-food, over here!" She's good at creating distractions when needed, and if diversions are what you need, she's your cat. She'll draw attention away from you and lead the enemy astray. She has a special talent, which is called throwing her voice. If she concentrated hard enough, she could make her voice travel away from her and resound up to ten feet away. This way, she is able to distract the enemy and lead him away from her with her false voice.

[Quirks . . .]
-She's afraid of water combined with lightning, but she's fine if they stay separate

[History . . .]

She desperately wants to see her mother again, and perhaps search for a reason to forgive her father. The ruffian had impregnated her mother and hadn't even spared her a second glance before leaving her and her newborn kits. Cotton only grew angrier when she realized that he had taken a life-mate and had another litter of kits. Even after trying to persuade Silver to hate her ex-mate, it would seem that Cotton and her brother Blanc's efforts were futile. Silver was too hung up on him and would always ramble on in her whisper of a voice how dashing and daring and brave their father was. Life as a rogue was hard on her family, and one leaf-green, her mother was carried away by a hawk. Silver had been scrawny and sick, a perfect target. A moon later, Blanc tried to drown himself out of grief, and just when Cotton convinced him to climb out of the river and dry off, a strike of lightning hit the stream and the electricity traveled up his body to his heart, and he was dead in an instant. Shaken, Cotton had wailed for two days straight, eventually leading a FeatherClan patrol to her. They brought her back and she was originally sentenced to death, but the leader decided otherwise.

Having joined the Clan at the age of 8 moons, well past the proper Apprentice beginning stage, she needed to learn quickly if she wanted to become a warrior alongside her denmates.
Pending . . .

Pending . . .

[Relationships . . .]

[ :bulletpurple: = Family ]
[ :bulletwhite: = Missing ]

[ :bulletblack: = Uncertainty ]
[ :bulletblue: = Acquaintance / Friend ]
[ :bulletgreen: = Good friend / Best friend ]
[ :bulletyellow: = Crush / Attraction ]
[ :bulletorange: = Special / Respect / Admire / Ally ]
[ :bulletpink: = Love / Mate ]
[ :bulletred: = Discomfort / Dislike / Despise / Loathe ]


[:bulletblack:|:bulletorange:|:bulletblue: Foxrunner ~XxAyakoxX] "...He's a strange tom, alright. Although, I find his presence comforting and...warm. I don't know what to think of him; he makes me feel of the things I vowed to never feel: warmth and butterflies in my stomach. Why is this happening to me? What's this...force pulling me to him?"

. . .


. . .

. . .

. . .

[Dark Forest]
. . .

[Roleplay Example . . .]
[Brightskies from #The-Six-Clans]
Brightskies slept soundly, her fur ruffled by the slight breeze. Her eyes were shut and her sleep undisturbed.
The sunlight wreathed her in an ethereal glow as she lay curled on the soft moss of Littlestar's nest. A stray twig brushed against her nose and her eyelids fluttered.
A sudden feeling built up in her chest and before she knew it, she sneezed, the force of the sudden action careening her slightly from the nest, and her paw caught on the same twig. With a startled yelp, she tripped and fell forwards, her muzzle colliding quite painfully with the hard ground of the den.
She remained in that position for a few heartbeats before regaining her senses and scrambling to her paws.
She shook her sore paw and padded out from the den. She cringed at the bright rays of light, but her sight soon grew accustomed.

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