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October 12, 2013
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C-A . Cherise Blanc by Kittysprite C-A . Cherise Blanc by Kittysprite
eee okay so i was talking to ~XxAyakoxX and we decided to join :iconcolossus-atrox: together~! ;u;
they arent open and i dunno when they will be orz |D ill keep waiting for an opening ~~

[Theme Song . . .]
Fairy Tail - Guang Liang -

[General information . . .]

[Name] Cherise Blanc
Name Reasoning:
Cherise - A combination of the french word cher (dear, darling) and cerise (cherry), given by her father in honor of her passed mother, whose favorite fruit was cherry 
[Age] 16 Years
[Gender] Female
[Squad] Scouting Legion
[Rank] Soldier
[Nationality] French / Chinese (Oriental)
[Original Wall]Wall Rose - Trost Distrtict
[Height] 160 cm
[Weight] 85 lb
[Appearance] Lush golden/strawberry-blonde hair that falls to her lower back, the ends are naturally curled. Warm brown eyes (Asian descent), pale skin.
[Sexuality] Bisexual

[Family background . . .]

[Parents] Drew | Ciu Lan Hua
[Siblings] . . .
[Half-Siblings] . . .
[Adopted Siblings] . . .

[Other Relatives] . . .

. . . Others Unknown 

[[ Personality: [Oblivious] - [Gentle] - [Melancholic] - [Determined] - [Hopeless Romantic] - [Distant]

  • Oblivious"Sorry, you said 'pretty', and I'm not pretty, so..." She is the natural, kind, typical little sister that can make someone extremely exasperated with her obliviousness and naivety. If someone flirts with her, she won't be able to tell. In fact, she won't know unless you straight up tell her that you're hitting on her. She doesn't know how to tell apart love and friendship, and she'll probably not even be able to tell if she herself has feelings towards a tom. She only knows to love her kin, because that's typically what you're supposed to do. She's actually quite clumsy, but her wits make up for it.
  • Gentle"O-oh, no! Gosh, are you alright?" Though serene, she becomes extremely flustered and touchy-feel-ly if someone gets hurt. She's protective of her friends, but with words only. She would never fight physically with another (unless it's a titan), despite any dark intentions. She'll take care of you if you're hurt, and often she'll be exasperated if she finds out that you picked a fight yourself. She's a worry-wart, and she's very nervous when it comes to battles.
  • Meloncholic"I want to be just like a firefly..." Having the scars of her past clearly imprinted on every fiber of her being, she will always get a distant look under the stars and moonlight. Whenever prompted, she only replies that the stars remind her of home. Nobody except her and possibly the Commander knows where her 'home' is, and she refuses to tell. If you ask, she'll only grace your question with the smallest of smiles. She wants to be like a firefly because she used to admire them as a child and she thought they were akin to little specks of magical light that can fill up the darkness of night, no matter how black it is.
  • Determined"No! I won't give up, even if it kills me!" She's never one to give in without a fight. She'll risk it all to protect her Squad-mates. She hates when people underestimate her because of her shyness and quiet voice. Although naive, she can certainly put up quite the struggle in any situation. However, this can also be her downfall. She is known to be an extremely good fighter when needed, a fact that has been well-hidden until a stray titan somehow got into the walls during her trainee days. She is as swift as the wind and can slip easily through an enemy's hands with her small stature, although once she's been snatched by a titan, it can crush her small build very easily. She will protect the citizens with her life, although she's secretly extremely terrified at the prospect of dying because of her family's lack of faith in any ancestors. She doesn't know what the afterlife with bring.
  • Hopeless Romantic"Love is supposed to be true and gentle, warm and passionate. Well, at least that's what mother always said." She's horrible when it comes to romance, despite the fact that she will completely devote herself to her attraction. She believes that love is love no matter what gender, and is always disheartened when she sees others getting abused because of this. She isn't a very practical person when it comes down to romance, and often needs to be guided. She'll give roses to the one she admires, but she'll be too shy at first to admit it. She believes in passion, chivalry, and true love. She is a dreamer, an idealist, and sincere.
  • Distant"Oh, yes..." She's often very quiet, but not in the shy way. She often keeps to herself and doesn't really associate much with the other soldiers. Many people pass her off as shy but in reality she simply finds no need to interact with other. This is a rather cold trait, but she knows in her heart that many of the people standing near her, talking and drinking, could perish any minute and she'd rather not set herself up for grief.

[Quirks . . .]
- She's deathly afraid of relationships or commitments of any kind, excluding her undying loyalty to her duty
- She can't stand the thought of death

[History . . .]

She is the daughter of a merchant man of American descent and a kind woman with Chinese origins. They lived a happy life, and she never wanted for anything. She was an only child, but she was never lonely. Their house was on a small hill overlooking her village and everyday she'd come outside and play in the grass, plant flowers (AKA digging them up), and around twilight her parents would take her outside to see the fireflies that would dance and bob in the air like tiny little magical lights. She used to say that she wishes to be reborn as a firefly so that she can pass on little specks of warmth in the cold and dark of night.

When she was six years old, disaster struck. An epidemic swept across her village and killed many people. Her mother fell ill with it, and little Cherise stayed by her mother's side every day to read fairy tales and sing meaningless songs. Her father tried travelling all over the walls in search of a cure, but came home with nothing to show for his work. Her mother eventually passed, and her father became distant, cold. He still showed affection towards his daughter but they never really spoke anymore. One day, he was killed on his way home, caught between a collision of two horse-carts. 

She was immediately transferred to the local orphanage, and she lived there with about fifteen other children, their ages ranging from six to ten. The village children sometimes poked fun at her for not having parents, but most knew how badly it had affected her. Her personality remained the same, ever happy and gentle, but something within her changed. She was quiet and distant and although she was kind, she wasn't exactly approachable.

While she was in the orphanage, she read many of the books there. One day, she stumbled upon a secret stash of thick tomes hidden in the corner of the small library. As she read them, they told of the world outside the walls, and how beautiful it was. They described things she'd only ever heard of in fairy tales. She remembered her mother's love for the stories that contained depictions of the outside world, and she vaguely recalled her mother telling her when she was merely three years old that it had always been a dream of hers to go outside the walls and explore the vast lands. When she witnessed a group of Scouting Legion soldiers come back, she was shocked to know they'd been outside of the walls. From then on, she began to dream of someday being able to go outside.

I'll see the outside world for you, Mother...

After living for about six years in the orphanage, the place had to shut down due to lack of funds. Fortunately, Cherise was old enough then to join the recruits signing up to train for the military. With only a small book of fairy tales and a worn-through cloak, she began her training.

Nothing special here, she trained for a while before eventually graduating to a soldier. Along the way, she witnessed countless deaths and the number of trainees decreased each day, whether they were just too incompetent or they perished at the hands of a titan.

P E N D I N G . . .

[Relationships . . .]

[ :bulletpurple: = Family ]
[ :bulletwhite: = Missing ]

[ :bulletblack: = Uncertainty ]
[ :bulletblue: = Acquaintance / Friend ]
[ :bulletgreen: = Good friend / Best friend ]
[ :bulletyellow: = Crush / Attraction ]
[ :bulletorange: = Special / Respect / Admire / Ally ]
[ :bulletpink: = Love / Mate ]
[ :bulletred: = Discomfort / Dislike / Despise / Loathe ]


[Scouting Legion]
. . .

[Military Police]
. . .

. . .

. . .

[Roleplay Example . . .]
[Brightskies from #The-Six-Clans]
Brightskies slept soundly, her fur ruffled by the slight breeze. Her eyes were shut and her sleep undisturbed. 
The sunlight wreathed her in an ethereal glow as she lay curled on the soft moss of Littlestar's nest. A stray twig brushed against her nose and her eyelids fluttered.
A sudden feeling built up in her chest and before she knew it, she sneezed, the force of the sudden action careening her slightly from the nest, and her paw caught on the same twig. With a startled yelp, she tripped and fell forwards, her muzzle colliding quite painfully with the hard ground of the den.
She remained in that position for a few heartbeats before regaining her senses and scrambling to her paws. 
She shook her sore paw and padded out from the den. She cringed at the bright rays of light, but her sight soon grew accustomed.

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